Sherlock Ohms @ East Bristol Brewery Trail #3


Evening all.

Just a quick gig heads up – I’ll be playing a few hours of relaxed beats for you to drink to this Sunday down at the Left Handed Giant Brewing Company in Bristol.

Pop down from 2-5pm and enjoy some soul, funk, reggae, disco, and the rest of my usual random grab bag of bits and pieces

Three on a Thursday #135


Currently lazing just off Lake Windermere, G&T in hand, looking out over the hills, on one end of a ropy as hell internet connection

This may or may not have influenced the selections this week

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Three on a Thursday #134



Oops – one day late.

Still it’s to your benefit, as I was out watching two of Bristol’s finests funk DJs at The Lanes last night – The Allergies and Boca 45 (guys, it was lovely to see you lot again)

Still, belated tunes eh?

I was rummaging through old UK hip-hop albums today, and stumbled across and early Dr Syntax album I hadn’t heard before, Self Taught.

I read about it on a hiphop blog a couple of weeks back, largely in the context of a track called Subcultures and how there’s an updated version knocking about, but after a listen through the track that stuck out for was Max Miller – the beat is pretty simple, but it’s the lyrical dexterity that hits you – especially when its delivered in such laconic style

Next up is a EPIC cover of a The Jacksons Shake Your Body by Suzy Brown, as dropped by Boca 45 last night.who does a wonderful job of reggae-ifying the original –  I do like the stuff that Mukatsuku drop, and this is a belter.

(I’ve just looked through to the vinyl version of this one, and discovered I’ve recommended the flip side of this in ToT #123 …)

Last one this week was also from the gig last night, this time dropped by The Allergies. I know some of 70’s funk group War‘s work, most famously Low Rider, but I’d not heard Me And Baby BrotherWhat a proper funk stomper.

Three on a Thursday #133


How do you lot decide on which gigs to go to? I’m currently enjoying a surge in opportunities to go out, now the kids are a little older. Saw the awesome Mr Thing on Saturday, and tomorrow I’ve a choice of Powercut and Mr Lingo at Hy-Brasil or The Allergies and the Old Market Assembly.

Should you happen to spot a very tall beardy speccy chap in a flat cap down the front, at either of these, buy me a pint, eh?

Decisions, decisions

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Three on Thursday #132


It’s felt like spring this week hasn’t it? Sun on my back, not getting utterly soaked and frozen cycling to work  – I could get used to this (sadly, knowing the British weather, this is as good as it’ll get all year …)

Right, tunes.

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Three on a Thursday #131

lego-raversTime for a another ToT! (finally)

Apologies for missing this last week, but a combination of nightmare children objecting to bedtime and a wife returning from travelling with work meant I was up to my eyeballs. Then life happened, and all of a sudden it’s a week later

For those of you who were paying attention the other week, I super-subbed for the mighty talented Rackabeat on Saturday night down at the rather charming Steam Crane, and had a wonderful time. Many beats were broken and breaks were dropped, or some such.

Still, shall we?

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Three on a Thursday #130


Been a good music week so far, Excellent gig by Lack of Afro at the Lantern on Friday, and the new Sherwood and Pinch to have a go on, and digging for some lovely lovely tunes for you lot to listen to.

Shall we?

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