Three on a Thursday #122


As some of the more observant you will have noticed from the uptick in activity on the Facebook page over the last 4 months or so – Sherlock rides again!

Thanks to the insistence of a good friend that I ‘played a few tunes’ for her birthday, I’m back into the swing of things and have played more gigs in the last 3 months than I have in the last 3 years – thanks to Chapter One, Shotgun Barbers, The Farm and The Cadbury for letting me inflict my musical tastes on your punters, it’s been brilliant fun and I can’t believe I stopped playing out for so long.

If you fancy seeing me having a funky old time of it, I’m playing The Old Market Assembly in Bristol this Friday supporting Brighton based soul and funkateers Normanton Street from 10pm – pop down and say hello.

Right – onto the tunes!

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Three on a Thursday #121

B-IiEdpCAAA2ARxOK, told you it wouldn’t last and it didn’t … so after a couple of weeks off, here’s a belated last weeks ToT …

First beats and pieces this week come courtesy of one of the UKS finest hip-hop DJs, Mr Thing. Many of his sets turn up on Mixcloud, and he’s dropped one from Leeds and there are some total classics on there.

In an amongst the stuff I know well there are a couple of bits that made me prick my ears up, and the best of the bunch was this from the awesomely named Boombaptist, and is called Toucan Wing.

Talk  about being influenced by Dilla, eh …

I tend to run a mile from a hip-hop done by American ‘artists’ with names that read like txtspk or that include random characters in their name making it look like a cat has walked on their keyboard, as it tends towards the overly thugged out autotuned crap that sullies the good name of hip-hop, but at the urging of Bristol Hip-hop’s bad-touch uncle, B’Tilla, I had a listen to the latest Joey Bada$$ album, and it ain’t half bad

Standout track for me is  Like Me, featuring the slightly unfortunately named BJ the Chicago Kid, which has a definite boombap feel to it and some nice soulful strings and horns to lift it from the norm.

Last one this week is a classic piece of funky soul. I know  ‘Hard to Handle’ from the recent reboot by The Captain and from the original by Otis Redding, but didn’t know the un-fiddled-with Patti Drew version. Have a listen – it’s pretty damn tidy

Three on a Thursday #120

f10cf618a58f9d0ba282459d5927d293Two in two weeks for you – how’s that for an attempt at being consistent again

(won’t last)

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Three on a Thursday #119


Mea Culpa, mea culpa mea maxima culpa.

Gosh, that was a long break wasn’t it?

Contrary to popular belief, I haven’t been beamed up by aliens anally probulated and deposited soaked in craft beer in some Somerset field, nor have I run off to Lhasa to learn to learn the nose-flute – life just got in the way (two kids under 4, and moving house will do that …)

Hopefully, now things have calmed down a little, I can get back to bringing you some of the beats and breaks that’ve been new to my ears this week.

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Three on a Thursday #118

artworks-000068619954-fcvo1w-originalJesus, what happened there?

Can’t believe it’s been almost 6 weeks since I’ve done one of these – for any of you still out there, no I haven’t given up, I’ve just been hectically busy with family life …

Still, at least I’ve had 6 weeks to find some good tracks eh?

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Three on a Thursday #117

DubMixing1_lAhhhh, sweet, sweet music – the one thing this week that’s stopping me from shaving my head, climbing the nearest tall building with a high powered rifle and picking off strangers, due to insane levels of work stress …

(and yes, that’s a vague excuse for the brief hiatus in transmission – sorry to those jonesing for their next fix of odd and eclectic beats)

Nevermind, eh?

<uncorks bottle>


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Three on a Thursday #116


Back after a week off, blessing your ears with bars, beats and a couple of lovely slices of chilled electronic nonsense …

Come on then, don’t just stand there.

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