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Three on a Thursday #13

Unlucky for some … but not for you as I’ve got a sack of excellent tunes for you to have a listen to!

If you like what you hear pop down to Bocabar in Bristol this Friday to hear me play a few tunes(yes, I’m playing south of the river – I’ve got my jabs and have packed my passport, so they’ll let me back over the bridge). I’m on from 9-1am, so pop down and dance off some of the Bank Holiday booze.

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Big up Antidote Bristol!

Been sitting on this one for a while, as I couldn’t quite believe it was true, but now it’s been announced, I’ll share – those handsome, witty, and devastatingly charming chaps  at Antidote Bristol want to sponsor little old me.

This will see me joining such Bristol luminaries as Ewan Hoozami, Graham Acidic, Benjamin One and Khoi as part of their  collaboration with some of  “the vast wealth of raw underground talent in Bristol” – result!

For those who don’t know, Antidote are a skate company based in Bristol who make a cracking line in tees, artwork and DVDs, and what’s more, they do all of this in the most ethical way they can – all their clothing is made from organic an hemp/cotton blend and printed using water based inks, and all their packaging is sourced from an eco-friendly company. If you like the sound of what they do, check out their site by following the links from here to their site, and showing them some love by buying a tee or two …

Hopefully this should see me playing a few of their events, and sporting some of their rather natty gear!

Mixtape Madness #1 – Itchy & Skratchy DJs / Shhh! Mixtape 2011

I spend quite a lot of time digging to find new tunes for my shows, and quite often this involves listening through tons of mixes. I’m lucky enough to have a job where I can get away with sitting at my desk plugged in to my iPod ploughing through the reams and reams I download, picking up the odd gem here and there, but most of them are a bit ‘meh’.

Sometime however you pick up a belter, and I thought that in order to save you from the dross, I’d throw up some of the good ones I’ve found over the years up on the blog for your enjoyment. So from today, every few weeks I’ll try to post a new one for you – it might be new, it might be old , but it’ll be a cracking selection of tunes.

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Three on a Thursday #12

Wow – three months one from the first one of these, and I’m still going strong. What’s more I have a few days off work coming from today, so hopefully you’ll get a couple of ‘proper’ mixes from me, as I’ve got a bit of time – I do spoil you lot sometimes, don’t I …

If you’re enjoying the weather we’ve been having recently I’d shamelessly pimp “recommend” my last Ctrl:Alt:The Beat show for you, plenty of summery vibes to be found on there…

Right – on to the records.

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Ctrl:Alt:TheBeat with Sherlock Ohms ~ 12th April ’11

Here you go, ya vultures – enjoy!

(Update – I’ve removed this from Soundcloud, as I’ve only got so much space, but it’s available on Postbocks here)

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Three on a Thursday #11

So, posting this weeks Three on a Thursday from the Eternal City was a non-starter, as I was a complete idiot and managed to leave the charger for my laptop in Bristol when I left – Ooops.

This has meant that this weeks entry has been a little rushed as I only got back this afternoon, but never fear! after some serious rummaging I’ve dug up some gems for you so all the tunes featured this week are the usual top notch efforts!

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Three on a Thursday #10

How’s this for commitment – I’m working my arse off in Paris this week and I still find the time to give your ears their weekly education …

I considered making this a ‘French Special’ in light of my location, and putting my favourite Francophone tracks up here, but thought that it’d be cheating a little, so here you go, three of the freshest cuts to hit my ears this week.

Next week it’ll (hopefully) be Rome that I post this from – provided I can find a wireless network!

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Ctrl-Alt-TheBeat with Sherlock Ohms ~ 29th March ’11

Last weeks show is up for you kerrazy kids – I had a bit of a funk wig out in the middle of this one, so be warned!

(Update – I’ve removed this from Soundcloud, as I’ve only got so much space, but it’s available on Postbocks here)

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