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Quick Heads up – Upfest ’11 is this Saturday!

If you like your street art you’ll surely have heard of Upfest, and if you haven’t -where the hell have you been?!?

Running since 2008 and now billed as “Europe’s largest free urban paint festival; Upfest, is now in its fourth year and is preparing to take over its cultural home Bristol by welcoming over 250 artists and 40 DJs, Groups & Human Beatboxers”, this is a fantastic event, and what’s even better it’s FREE.

Featuring live painting from big names from the national and local scenes, such as  Inkie, Spqr, Cheo, Jody and Lokey alongside a multitude of others, the organisers thought you might need some music to go with the doodling, so have booked a host of talent to spin some tunes as well as l’il ole me.

I’m *cough* ‘headlining’ the inside stage at 1pm @ Tobacco Factory, so pop on down and say hello!


Hidden Riddim / Now You Know The Name EP

Just discovered this little gem from Hidden Riddim nestling in my inbox from those nice gents over at Cast-A-Blast and as I’m in a good mood, I thought I’d share the love.
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Three on a Thursday #17

I’m liking this paternity leave thing, despite the broken sleep and nappy changing, it’s given me plenty of time for tune rummaging. Still hasn’t stopped my prevaricating and posting this at almost 9pm – ah well. Still I hope the tunes are worth it! Continue reading

Three on a Thursday #16 (well almost …)

Yes, I know, it’s late … there is a reason though.

Charlotte Rose turned up on Tuesday night and threw all of our plans out of the window. Mum and newborn are fine, but I’ve only just worked out it’s Friday, . I blame sleep deprivation rather than the beer I was fed whilst wetting the baby’s head … Continue reading

Ctrl:Alt:TheBeat with Sherlock Ohms ~ 10th May ’11

Here you go guys, last weeks show from the mighty, throbbing Purple Radio

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Ctrl:Alt:TheBeat Show Archive now up!

I’ve decided it’d be nice to try and make available as many of my old Ctrl:Alt:TheBeat shows as I can for you all. A few misguided individuals have been in contact with me asking for more mixes, and I don’t currently have too many of them online, so I thought I’d try to change that

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Three on a Thursday #15

Wasn’t sure I’d be able to do this weeks Three on a Thursday due to being 0n a (very sober) baby standby, but as my wife is showing no signs of going into labour any time soon I’ve managed to grab a little alone time with the laptop (not like that you dutteh bastid) and found three corkers for you this week. Listen up!

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