Monthly Archives: June 2011

Three on a Thursday #22

I think the improved weather has affected my mood – either that or the prospect of a weekend filled with bass, beer and BBQ is getting me over excited. With this in mind there’s an upbeat flavour to this weeks tuneage – just for a change. Right, enough blathering, heigh-ho, let’s go!

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Palov / Trouble (feat. Lady Faye)


Yet more niceness in my inbox courtesy of the Cast-a Blast crew, and in the week before St Pauls Carnival in Bristol – it’s almost like they knew I was after some new reggae based beats to air …

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Three on a Thursday #21

21, eh, hasn’t she grown …

It’s that time of the week again where I present you with the finest beat, breaks, bleeps and wobbles that have blessed my ears in the last seven days. Only rules for these tracks is that they must be new to me and awesome. Not hard then …

If you like these little gems I lob in your general direction each Thursday there’s a couple of opportunities to see me playing live in the next couple of weeks – check the Gigs page for the details.

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Gig Update!

Just a few for you, if you fancy popping out to hear my do my shizzle live in the nightclub-rave-scene.

I’ve got a couple of gigs at Big Chill Bar, Bristol, one of my tod on the 24th June, and one with Funk From The Trunk’s awesomely talented DJ Powercut on the 29th July. The third is at a new venue for me, Timbuk2 for the Dub Box Summer Sessions giving it some red hot Room 2 action alongside Riddle, Rob Helps and Teddy G.


For the details check out my Gig page



Three on a Thursday #20

I think we’ve finally managed to dry out after a rather brilliant (if thoroughly pissy-arsed) Chilled Cider at the Square & Compass in Worth Matravers (a village which according to whoever modified the sign is twinned with Royston Vasey), though I’m not sure if my liver has recovered after too many pints of the local loony juice. In spite of this epic bender over the weekend, I’ve returned to bless your lug’oles with more finely selected tunes …

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Ctrl:Alt:TheBeat with Sherlock Ohms ~7th June ’11

More choonage from last week’s Purple Radio for you. Hope you enjoy.

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Three on a Thursday #19

20110609-030734.jpgWoop woop! It’s Three on a Thursday time again!

Many thanks to those of you who came over to Upfest last Saturday and said hello, ’twas much appreciated. I hope you enjoyed. though the lesson of ‘not playing tracks that use a Biggie Smalls acapella in a room where there are impressionable youngsters roaming around in the middle of the afternoon’ has been learnt – oops! Was good to hook up with those wonderful chaps from Antidote, as well as the Funk from the Trunk and Contraband Sessions lads.

Right – onwards!

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Three on a Thursday #18

It’s that time of the week again, Ladies and Gentleman of the (Jukebox) Jury, where I intend to show you three tunes so heinously brilliant, showing such twisted genius that you’ll be forced to agree that anyone who doesn’t enjoy them should be first against the wall when the revolution comes.

On then to the evidence.

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