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Three on a Thursday #26

Another Parisian jaunt, another slightly late Three on a Thursday. I wouldn’t mind if they put me up in the Four Seasons George V, but I’m always stuck in a Novotel next to a main road, where the only food available is from the Chinese next door … or at least that#s my excuse for slowly becoming a fatteh.

Hopefully I’ll be more on the ball next week, and I’m sure my mood will be improved come Friday when myself and Mr Powercut will by kicking in the back doors of the Big Chill Study – if the tunes below get you in the mood, pop on down.

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Mixtape Madness #4 – The Nextmen / Personal Golf Instructions (from Driver thru Putter)

Now this is the real shit…

Personal Golf Instructions is probably the mix that made me take up DJing, so these boys have a lot to answer for. Up until the point that I heard this mix I thought DJing was all about playing crap trance, and whanging half of Columbia’s National Product up your nose, but this mixtape showed me it was possible to do something different, taking a big batch of genres and odd samples stir ’em all up and come out with something, and not only manage to make it work but to make it sound utterly awesome. For that, I’m forever grateful to The Nextmen.

Brad and Dom show some serious skills covering the bases from hip-hop, via the dancehall , electropop , reggae, disco, funk, soul and some drum and bass all tied together with a series of samples lifted from what sounds like old Arnold Palmer golf instructional record. For a good few years this was only available on CD, and was a bugger to get hold of, leading to it costing a small fortune, but now, thanks to the internerd, it’s available to all. Despite being released in ’04 this has barely aged a jot and is still a ‘go-to’ mix for me for warming a houseparty up …

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Three on a Thursday #25

Yes, ok, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. It’s only the second Thursday I’ve missed in six months – largely down to a week of 12hr days stuck in a hotel in the arse end of Paris with no wifi. Whoever said business travel was cool …

Right enough whinging, on with the show.

Thanks to those of you who came down to Timbuk2 on Friday – good news is they loved it and I’m back giving it some red-hot room 2 action on the 12th August whilst Nebula bosh out the DnB in the main room. Excellent.

If you can’t wait that long before a slice of Sherlock, I’m playing the upstairs bar on Big Chill Bristol with the man like Powercut from Funk from the Trunk

Onwards to the tunes!

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Three on a Thursday #24

Evening all – apologies for the lateness of this week’s Three on a Thursday – the bad thing about buggering off to Cornwall for a long weekend means that the work piles up for my return. ICK. Never fear though, Three on a Thursday is still here to warm you up for the weekend.

I’d also like to say ‘ta!’ to the Funk Hunters for featuring my Hip to the Hop mix on their weekly mixtape dig! – I wondered why the number of listens it was getting had shot up today …

If you like this kind of thing, I’m playing at Timbuk2 for the Dub Box Summer Sessions this Friday, giving it some red-hot room 2 action, so pop down and say hello if you’re about

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Mixtape Madness #3 – RJD2 / Your Face or Your Kneecaps

Was discussing the blog with an mate of mine over a few beers at weekend, and we starting pondering over what mixes should be given the dubious honour of being featured as part of the ‘Mixtape Madness’ series. A fair few names came up and will show up on the blog over the next few weeks and months, but the first one that both of thought of was this beaut, and I got an understandable barracking for not having put it up yet. This is a terrible ommision and will be sorted forthwith.

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Ctrl:Alt:TheBeat with Sherlock Ohms ~21st Jun ’11

A little late with this one, apologies. Hope you still enjoy, despite all that.

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Hip to the Hop with Sherlock Ohms

Here’s my ‘stand in’ slot from 23rd June – someone who was down to play the slot did a no show, so I jumped into the gap and winged it a little – great to play straight up and down hip-hop bangers, must do it more often.

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Three on a Thursday #23

Another week, another Three on a Thursday for you.

I’m writing this in a demob happy mood, as I’m off to Cornwall to brew beer with a mate, and hopefully catch a few waves … either that or install myself in the local, cursing the lack of a decent swell.

So to warm you up for your weekend, here’s some Atlantic soul, a late night ghetto funk chiller and some crazy tweaked Italian jazziness. Enjoy!

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