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Mash & Munkee / Superbad

I’ve dropped a couple of tunes from the Mash and Munkee boys before on the Ctrl:Alt:TheBeat show, so I was pleasantly surprised when this latest slab of funked up goodness dropped into my inbox.

Read on for the verdict!

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Weekend Sun / Figo

Yet more summery vibes on wax for you with Weekend Sun‘s Figo, the latest drop from those crazy cats over at Hero Records. So far listening to it im exactly what the band name suggests. (which is surprising in a way considering both hail from the North East of England, and I thought it just rained up there) and hopefully it’ll do the same for you …

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Ctrl-Alt-TheBeat with Sherlock Ohms ~ 16th Aug ’11

Last weeks show for you!

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Three on a Thursday #30

Another week, another opportunity to terrorise your ears with a randomly eclectic set of tunes that are new to me this week …

For those of you who follow Three on a Thursday, I like to give you a little heads up as to some of the upcoming gigs that I’ve got cooking. 

Number one is down the other end of the M4, in Soho to be exact, on the 22nd September. Make a date in your diary, as it’ll be a good one.

Number two is thuper theekrit at the moment, as it’s still unconfirmed, but if you’re into all thinks wobbly nu funkular nonsense, get yourself to Bristol around the 17th of September, as something big is going down in funky town.

Right – tunes.

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tOtALcULt / Bomber Inna Dance E.P.

Just in time for the Notting Hill Carnival, one of this blog’s favourite artists hits us with the Bomber Inna Dance E.P., stuffed to the brim with party bangers to rock your speakers.

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Three on a Thursday #29

In a word – Oooof!

To those of you who came out this weekend to see me spin, you were fantastic. From the subterranean vibes of Timbuk2 on Friday night to the sweatbox that was Mr Wolfs on Saturday – seriously I will need to pack a towel next time I play there, it was so sweaty I couldn’t grip the vinyl well enough to scratch properly – that was quite the weekend.

Still in recovery mode after a fairly full few days, by my standards at least. That, combined with a 3 month old little ‘un at home and becoming a thoroughly old gimmer it takes longer to bounce back to my usual self. This might explain the slightly more relaxed track choices this week, with a classic slice of neo-soul, a disco sampling nu-funk wiggler and a wonderful piece of chilled electronica to keep you going.

Anyway, enough with the yammering, onwards!
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Three on a Thursday #28

It’s that time of the week again – Three on a Thursday! (I know, I know, try to contain yourselves …). This week is on a little bit a hip-hop tip, with a little broken beat shuffler at the end.

If you like the sounds I chuck up here every week, then you could always pop down and see me do my thing at either Timbuk2 on Friday with Teddy G and Rob Helps, or if you busy that night, I’m also at Mr Wolfs on Saturday from midnight – I’ll buy a beer for anyone making both nights!

Anyway, onwards!

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Ctrl:Alt:The Beat with Sherlock Ohms ~2nd Aug ’11

Been a while since I’ve posted one of these, what with one thing and another … still, hope you guys like it.

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Three on a Thursday #27

Almost managed to be late on another one of these – I sat down to start my scribbling after the Charlotte had been put to bed and her mother went out – cue 3 hrs of screaming. I swear if her head had started rotating through 360° I wouldn’t have been surprised. She’s finally asleep, so I can get on it.

Anyway, number 27 ‘eh – lets hope the Three on a Thursday series isn’t going to OD or choke on vomit in it’s sleep.

Too soon?

Ah well, onto the tunes …

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