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Mixtape Madness #5 – DJ Moneyshot / Mothers Ruin

By way of making up for my poor show on the last Three on a Thursday, I though I’d shower your ears with some more audio loveliness in the form of the next installment of the Mixtape Madness series, and give you another ‘so-good-it-changes-what-you-think-a-mixtape-can-be’ mix, to chase away the dreary weather outside.

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(Belated) Three on A Thursday #39

You lot are privileged this week, I’ve dragged my arse  (ok, a little late admittedly, but still …) off my sickbed purely to make sure you lot have some tight tunes to go into the weekend with. Aren’t I nice …

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Funk Against Fascism

Back in the dark days of the early Seventies, spurred on by the like of Enoch Powells “Rivers of Blood” speech, the National Front and associated far Right groups were on the rise, and were generally making life miserable for any immigrants in the vicinity.

Rock Against Racism, founded in 1976, was punk music’s attempt to raise awareness of the issue, and to counter the brainwashing of young people by, well, a bunch of jack booted thugs. They organised series of  huge marches and multi-cultural gigs, supported by the luminaries of the day, such as  The Clash, BuzzcocksSteel PulseX-Ray Spex,  Stiff Little FingersAswad and Elvis Costello, to persuade people to turn their back on the fascists and embrace the melting pot of modern Britain.

In 2002, driven by the rise in activity of the National Front and BNP, the Anti-Nazi League and Unite Against Fascism relaunched the concept, this time called “Love Music, Hate Racism“, and carrying forward the founders of Rock Against Racism ideas, in that modern music is influenced by many cultures and traditions, and that it can be used to bring different kinds of people together. The modern run of gigs have been supported by Ms Dynamite, Hard -Fi, Akala, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Estelle,  Lethal Bizzle, Roll Deep Crew and Basement Jaxx amongst a horde of others.

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Guest Mix for Avon Calling on

Sat with a beer on, recovering for the week, and thought I’d share this one with you as I don’t think I posted it at the time.

Fellow Goodgroove Bristol buddy, P.O.D.G.E has an Internet Radio show on and invited me to do a guest-mix for him, so I boshed together half-an-hour of the good stuff and chucked it his way. The return fixture is this Tuesday on my show, so brace yourselves!

Here’s how my effort went …

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Three on a Thursday #38

Right in a rush today, so no witty little intro covering my  mood, current affairs, or even passing the time of day.



Right in the kisser!

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Ctrl:Alt:TheBeat with Sherlock Ohms ~ 11th Oct ’11

Wow, I’ve been unbelievably shit at uploading these recently. Many apologies.

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Three on a Thursday #37

Erm, yeah – a bit late. Long days at work leads to me sitting down with a beer, which leads to a lack of motivation to blog – well, a short attention span, which is much the same thing.

Managed to get my shit together for long enough this evening to drop a smidge of science for you though, never fear – which this week consists of glitch-hop, hip-hop and some silly bassy funky nonsense …

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Pictures from Alley Cat Gig with Creeday and Celeste Dos Santos and the Tabloid Queens

A few shots of me (and Creeday) taken at The Alley Cat in Soho, by the highly talented Haje Jan Kamps …

Three on a Thursday #36

Been a bit of a tricky one this week, what with the seemingly constant DDoSing of Soundcloud cutting down my happy hunting grounds to a  chilled snack fridge in the local 24-7  garage. In light of this I’ve reverted to *gulp* buying more music from those lovely peeps at Junodownload, as opposed to, well,  just getting given it, which is what I mean, rather than stealing the food from starving artists mouths – remember kids, home taping is killing music.

Ok, moralising over.

BOOM – tune time!

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Aquasky @ Arc Bar this Friday … (and me!)

Just a quick note to let you crazy kids know that I’m playing at Arc Bar at the OFFICIAL opening party – banging junglism and dnb upstairs from AquaskyNicky Blackmarket, Remidy and Frilla, with Dub Boy, Ewan Hoozami, l’il ole me and the Arc Bar residents tearing it up with hip-hop, beats, breaks, bleeps and wobbles downstairs

Be there, or be square …