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Promo Mix for WHOMP!

Ahoy all,

Midweek treat for you today – I’ve knocked together a little promo mix for the lovely boys and girls at WHOMP. Half an hour of beats, bleeps, breaks and scandalous mashups and re-edits – so pretty standard for me then.

If you like this sort of thing, pop down to the 4th Annual Bad Jumper Party @ Basement 45 this coming Friday to hear myself, Rob Helps, Riddle,Cornelius and a few more reprobates bringing both the party vibe and the grotesque knitwear.

Tracklisting after the fold ….

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Ctrl-Alt-TheBeat with Sherlock Ohms ~ 22nd Nov ’11

More tunage for you!

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Various / Latin Swing Allstars

Joy! I found new summery stylings from the Dirty Dubsters Digital boys nestling in my inbox this morning, like some tropical hummingbird here to chase the grey murkiness of November away for, well, at least for  as long as their new Latin Swing Allstars EP plays out anyway.

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Three on a Thursday #43

Ahoy campers!

How the devil are you?


I’m feeling rather chipper this week, for no particular reason really (other than the fact that I’ve only got twelve days work left at work this year, and the fact I’ve had a couple of pints) so this is definitely an upbeat selection for your ears this week.

If you’re out and about tonight I’ll be down at No. 51 Stokes Croft having a beer with Rackabeat & Bar-low, and Hidden Riddim at the launch of their new night, so if you like these selections, you can come and buy me a pint.

Right, onwards to the music!

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DJ Tzinas / Get Up (feat. The Kidd & BNC)

Those nice gents from Cast-a-Blast have blessed my inbox with yet more promo loveliness, this time from DJ Tzinas which I felt compelled to share with you this morning – raging hangover, or no raging  hangover.

Best get the coffee on and hope inspiration strikes ‘eh?

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Three on a Thursday #42

I’ve decided to get my (increasingly chunky) arse down the gym this week for the first time in a while, so this Three on a Thursday comes with me thoroughly knackered, and ensconced on my sofa – hence the slightly mellower tone than usual.

I’ll also use this brief opportunity to pimp my next night on the 2nd December at Basement 45 in Bristol. A word to the wise, have a rummage in the back of your drawers for the worst jumper you can lay your hands on for the 4th Annual Bad Jumper Party with the Whomp DJs. Big in the Game!

Right – tunes.

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Three on a Thursday #41

Evenin’ all

A little late to the party today, but better late than never ‘eh.

Been a quiet week on the music front over here at Chateau Sherlock, but a little digging has turned up some right gems for you, with nufunk treats, hip-hop feats and some utterly slablike concrete beats to finish you off with …

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Three on a Thursday #40

I have risen!

Managed to make a Lazarus-eque recovery after my weekend of knocking at Deaths door – seriously the wife was on the verge of doing the Old Yeller routine, and taking me out the back of the shed and putting two between my eyes execution style  if I didn’t quit my moping. Good job she saw sense, admittedly after half an hour of pleading, else you lot wouldn’t have any tunes to listen to, would you?

Oh, tunes?

Here you go then!

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