Three on a Thursday #42

I’ve decided to get my (increasingly chunky) arse down the gym this week for the first time in a while, so this Three on a Thursday comes with me thoroughly knackered, and ensconced on my sofa – hence the slightly mellower tone than usual.

I’ll also use this brief opportunity to pimp my next night on the 2nd December at Basement 45 in Bristol. A word to the wise, have a rummage in the back of your drawers for the worst jumper you can lay your hands on for the 4th Annual Bad Jumper Party with the Whomp DJs. Big in the Game!

Right – tunes.

Bristols Monkey Man, Parker, has blessed us with a cracking version of Venus as a Boy, a favourite track of mine from the Icelandic Queen of Kook, Bjork. I think this was the first track I ever heard by her – post Sugarcubes anyway, and it definitely gives an indication of her future trajectory into the thoroughly mentalist (and stunningly talented) career, as can be seen from the DJP sliced and diced video below.

Parker has definitely hit this one with the late-night bidness on this one. Drenched in with oodles of subtle bass chords and a pulsing rhythm line planting it firmly in “coming-down-from-a-big-night” territory. Can’t imagine it on a dancefloor, but it’d be brilliant as you veg on the sofa at 4am winding down
It’s a free download for the peeps on his mailing list, so get your arse over there and sign up.

The hip-hop universe is blessed with more that its fair share of straight brimmed baseball caps, low slung trousers, bitches, bling and wannabe gangstas, who’re actually named something like Cecil, and who’re actually very conscientious about phoning their mothers every Sunday, but it is suffering from a dearth of one thing.

Aggie Scousers.

In an effort to redress this balance, may I present to you Bang On! I picked up his tune, Got It, after Ninja Tune tweeted a Spotify playlist of their best of 2011 so far -I highly recommend you give it a listen to hear on of the UKs most creative labels at their best. Who says Twitter is full of pharma-spambots and self aggrandising bloggers shouting into the void, eh?

The tracks is a proper slice of quality hip-hop, built around a searing guitar lick, a serious boom-bap beat and a savage lyrical flow. More of this sort of thing, please.

Last one this week is a dark little twist on a Doors classic, Indian Summer by self proclaimed “Mad Swiss Beat Scientist” Pulpfusion. Given that this was a fairly light hearted little number to begin with I reckon this is a stunning spin on the original. Wrap your ears around this, preferably in a darkened room at night, with a thunderstorm going on outside …

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Obsessive music nerd for since his formative years, Sherlock Ohms finally pulled his finger out and started inflicting his collection of Funk, Soul, Hip-hop, Reggae, Breaks, Beats and random ephemera on the unwitting public in mid-2008. Since then he's graced the airwaves of Big Chill FM and Purple Radio, the stages of the Festinho festival, and the DJ booths of the UK fluffing for the likes of DJ Moneyshot, Boca 45 and Ugly Duckling. Whether it's early morning chilled wig outs, or eclectic party starting beat fests there's a reason they call him 'No Shit Sherlock' View all posts by djsherlockohms

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