Ghetto Funk presents: Icons Remixed Vol. 2 – The Whole Damn Review! (pt 2)

 If you like bouncy beaty breaky goodness, and haven’t been living in a cave for the last week, you’ll be aware that those nice chaps at Ghetto Funk HQ have given us an early Christmas present in the form on the follow-up to their ground breaking ‘Icons’ album.

For some unknown reason, I took it upon myself to review the whole shebang -who says I’m at a loose end on holiday from work, eh?

Sadly I ran out of beer, and split this into a game of two halves – I’ve gone all Motson haven’t I …

Still, here’s part two.

(for part one covering tunes 1-10 look here, for the ‘missing’ tracks, I covered them in my first look blogpost)

First tune for this half of the review is a remix of arguably one of the best secret tracks of all time. Train in Vain was a late addition to the utterly brilliant London Calling by The Clash. Rapidly rising scene-star Bobby C Sound TV does the honours on this one, Ghetto-ifying that driving beat, and pushing the guitar lines to the fore to turn it into a romper stomper of a tune.

The Commitments are responsible for more duff wedding requests than any band aside from Abba and the Bee Gees, and Mustang Sally is up there with the most overplayed.

Bezwun has done a proper job on this one, starting out as a relatively subtle tweak to the beat, before punching the button marked ‘filthy bass’ halfway though and properly setting the horses galloping

WBBL is one of my go-to remix artists with his rerubs of ODB and Al Green being some of my favourite tunes this year. His touch   Candi Staton’s, You Got The Love  is just right, slabs of wobble and a nice break, guaranteed to rock a dancefloor – the outcome is a darn sight better than that sodding awful Flo-Mo version, eh?

You don’t tend to think of  of too many Sixties crooners who can stand up to a thorough Ghetto-ification do you, but Badboe has done a proper number on Gene Pitney, taking Something’s Got a Hold of My Heart crafting a swaying little bassline underneath the original and adding a hip-hop vocal in the middle eight, leading to one of the more subtle numbers on the album. Needs more Marc Almond though

Second tune from the George Clinton stable up next. The first half of this tune seems to be an excuse to sample the Mighty Boosh’s Old Gregg speech about The Funk, whilst the second is actually the a remix of Atomic Dog. Qdup has done a cracking job on it, with some crunchy drums and the pulsating wubbly bass – give this a listen.

Oh, and here’s the video.

This next tune is the only one on the album I didn’t know beforehand. Busta and Some DJ (no that’s his name, ‘Some DJ’ – I know …) take Jimmy Castor’s Supersound and add lashings of their trademark bass sound to the mix, to give us a chunky lump of breakbeat. I can’t wait to abuse some speakers with this one.

Those Krazy Kernow Kids, The Hong Kong Ping Pong Posse has dusted off one of  Led Zeppelin’s folkier moments, Bron Y Aur Stomp – seriously the guitar solo in the original sounds like the banjo duel from Deliverance – and have given it some bollocks, with a hoe-down style beat and a beefy bassline … quality gear guys!

Though this is a ‘remixing the untouchables’ album, there are some things that are best left alone, and Status Quo is one of them – especially their excrable ‘In The Army Now‘. Funkanomics does a decent job attempting to salvage the unsalvageable, adding lashings of beasty bass, but I can’t get the image of Francis Rossi’s ridiculous ponytail out of my head every time I hear his voice.

[soundcloud url=”″

And I’m done …

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