Mixtape Madness #6 – DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist / Brainfreeze

Reminiscent of Double Dee and Steinski’s seminal ‘Lessons’ series but with the added bonus of being done live rather than over painstaking months with a razor and sticky tape, Brainfreeze is the hip-hop tour de force from DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist.

Consisting of two 25-ish minute mixes entitled Uno and Dos, Brainfreeze started life as a recording of a practice session for a series of shows that the pair were to perform in ’99. It’s a masterclass in cutting,scratching and beat-juggling old funk and soul 45s, slicing sections of tracks in and out of one another whilst maintaining the overall flow of the mix, which in my opinion is something a lot of more ‘technical’ DJs can forget in an effort to flex their skills.

The original mix was sold on CD at shows at  Shadow’s Fall 1999 US tour, and Cut Chemist’s first Word of Mouth tour with Jurassic 5.  Only two stores in the world were authorized to carry the original CD: Aron’s Records in L.A., and Groove Merchant in San Francisco. Numbers were limited to 1000 at the show, with a further 1000 being made available for sale in local shops and the covers rip-off of the distinctive 7-Eleven branding soon bought the ‘cease and desist’ wielding lawyers down on the pair, stymieing future sales – though this hasn’t stopped a huge number of bootlegs being made though (if you’ve got the vinyl, it’s a bootleg, none were ever officially pressed)

It’s all damn good mix with a multitude of killer funk cuts from Eddie Bo, Rueben Bell, The Mar Kays, Rufus Thomas, Marlena Shaw, even Georgio Moroder and a whole host of samples of old adverts and films – but I think my favourite section is halfway through Dos, when it breaks into a proto-Number Song. and the beat is kept rolling through the different samples and cuts that make up a damn fine tune, before mutating into a similarly early sounding version of Organ Donor – class all the way through.

Slurp Slurp!


Lamont Johson Quartet – “Thunder Kick” (trailer to unreleased film)
The Jules Blattner Group – “2001 – A Soul Odyssey”
Fried Chicken – “Funky DJ”
The Mohawks – “The Champ”
Reuben Bell – “Superjock”
Albert King – “Cold Feet”
Ultimate Force – “I’m Not Playing”
Eddie Bo and Inez Cheatham – “Lover and a Friend”
Mack Rice – “Three People In Love”
The Nu People – “I’d Be Nowhere Today”
Nu-Sound Express Ltd – “Ain’t It Good Enough”
Mystic Moods – “Cosmic Sea”
American Gypsy – “Inside Out”
Odetta – “Hit or Miss”
The Mar-Keys – “Grab This Thing (Part 2)”
Rusty Bryant – “FireEater”
Simtec and Wylie – “Bootleggin’ (Part 2)”
Wilbur Bascomb and the Zodiac – “Just a Groove In ‘G'”
Eddie Bo and The Soul Finders – “We’re Doin’ It (Thang) (Part 2)”
Rufus Thomas – “Sophisticated Sissy”
The Showmen Inc. – “The Tramp (from Funky Broadway) (Part 1)”
The Original Soul Senders – “Soul Brother Testify (Part 2)”
Rufus Thomas – “Itch and Scratch (Part I and II)”
Alvin Cash – “Keep On Dancing (Instrumental)”
Lou Courtney – “Hey Joyce”
Bummer radio spot


The Singing Principal – “Women’s Lib”
Salt – “Hung Up”
The Soul Lifters – “Hot, Funky, and Sweaty”
Frankie Seay and The Soul Riders – “Soul Food”
The Interpretations – “Jason Pew Mosso (Part 1)”
Thunder and Lightning – “Bumpin’ Bus Stop”
Billy Garner – “I Got Some”
Pleasure Web – “Music Man (Part I and II)”
Gary Byrd – “Soul Travelin’ (The G.B.E.)” (Part I)
Clifton Chenier and Grandma Gee Gee – “Just Keep On Scratching”
“W” radio spot
Marlena Shaw – “California Soul”
The Vibrettes- “Humpty Dump (Part 1)”
Eddie Bo – “From This Day On”
7-Eleven – “Dance the Slurp”
Kraftwerk – “Numbers”
Flash and The Five – “Flash It to the Beat”
Pearly Queen – “Quit Jivin'”
Tony Alvon and The Belairs – “Sexy Coffee Pot”
Chuck Mangione – “Hill Where the Lord Hides”
Funka Fize – “No Words”
Schooly D – “Gucci Time”
Jurassic 5 – “Unified Rebelution” (a cappella)
Third Guitar – “Baby Don’t Cry”
Don Pierce – “This Funky Thing”
Funka Fize – “Because You’re Funky”
The Troubleneck Brothers – “Back to the Hip Hop”
Stu Gardner – “Devil in a Man”
Samson and Delilah – “There’s a DJ in Your Town”
Giorgio Moroder – “Tears”
Tim and Bill – “Someone”

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