Three on a Thursday #57

I did think of doing a ‘Heinz 57’ inspired mega-dig for tunes, but to be honest doing 6 last week was tiring enough, so lets just still to quality not quantity, eh? Speaking of quality, I don’t know about you, but sometimes the prevelance of ‘wobbly bass over a fairly obvious 70s/80s/90s sample’ grates a little after a while – whilst they often work on a dancefloor, they don’t exactly reward the casual listener, and can leave you feeling like the morning after you’ve necked your own body weight in Jagerbombs and scoffed a dirty kebab – fun at the time, but afterwards you feel a bit soiled.

The good news is that there is another way.

Back in the day, one of my favourite labels we Manchester-based Grand Central, who unfortunately shut down in 2006 presumably when someone from the MPCS pointed out it was normal business procedure to actually *pay* for the samples you used, an unfortunate turn of events which robbed the UK of a great label which churned out quality from artists like Boca 45, Aim, Rae & Christian & Tony D, who created soulful, intelligent beats crafted from properly dug out samples.

Bristol-based beat merchants The Allergies, who bear a striking resemblence to DJ Moneyshot and Rackabeat, are doing their best to fill that gap in the market, their first efforts consist of revisiting one of hip-hops holiest of holies, Pete Rock & C. L.Smooth’s T.R.O.Y to give us Pete Rock & C. L.Smooth’s T.R.O.Y (The Allergies Revisit), weaving a web of psych, soul and funk beats from the original samples over the top of the classic. Keep your ear to the ground for a upcoming Riddim Fruit release from these two, it should restore your faith in dancefloor orientated crate digging.

Next up is a the flip to this idea. A quality little party number from two more of UK Hip-Hop’s self declared “outsiders”, Stig of the Dump and Dr Syntax, a.k.a. Fatty and Specky.

The pair bounce off one another fantastically, playing off the fairly obvious facts of Stig’s extra pounds and Syntax’s bottle end glasses. Dropping lines like “he ate all all the pies, whilst I memorised it”, this is rammed with quality wordplay, and is sure to bring a smile and remind the world that we’ve got some properly talented MCs round these parts.

Available on the Homeless Microphonist EP which dropped a donkeys age ago, but is well worth a listen

Finally this week is yet another hip-hop track, from yet another Bristol artist, Gilly. Lifting a quality sample from Jose Gonzalez / Crosses, Mikael is a properly haunting tune – lower the lights and listen, but make sure you’re not feeling emotionally fragile. The YouTube vid that goes with it is a blinder as well …

Props to B’Tol from the Bastard Sunz for letting me in on this one.

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Obsessive music nerd for since his formative years, Sherlock Ohms finally pulled his finger out and started inflicting his collection of Funk, Soul, Hip-hop, Reggae, Breaks, Beats and random ephemera on the unwitting public in mid-2008. Since then he's graced the airwaves of Big Chill FM and Purple Radio, the stages of the Festinho festival, and the DJ booths of the UK fluffing for the likes of DJ Moneyshot, Boca 45 and Ugly Duckling. Whether it's early morning chilled wig outs, or eclectic party starting beat fests there's a reason they call him 'No Shit Sherlock' View all posts by djsherlockohms

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