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Three on a Thursday #61

Normal Service has been resumed!

Sorry about the lack of Three on a Thursdays recently, but due to extreme laptop death I’ve been somewhat out of the loop.

Two things this little incident has taught me

1) If you’re a digital DJ, and don’t back your tunes and settings up, you’re a dick. Either get an external hardrive, or back your  stuff up to the cloud. I used zovo and it was seamless, an is dirt cheap for the piece of mind it gives me.

b) Never ever bloody anything Asus, ever!

Right, never mind all that – on to the tunes!

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Normal Service has been resumed!

Ahoy – apologies for the unannounced outage, but my hard drive collapsed into a steaming heap after Asus decided up update some of their software and utterly ruin the file structure on my laptop. Basically that meant that I couldn’t even start the damn machine up, or if it did get to the logon screen, the mouse wouldn’t move.

One total OS reinstall and complete system rebuild later, I’m back up and going  (well, almost). I’m a bit of a nerd, so I was backed up to the hind teeth – I highly recommend zovo for this, up to half a terabyte of storage for free with the right signup coupon, and it’s done the job brilliantly.

Three on a Thursday, the Ctrl:Alt:TheBeat show and a massive backlog of reviews with soon be unleashed.

I’m BACK baby!

Three on a Thursday #60

Evening guys … it’s that time of the week again!

This time we’ve got some wonky electronica, a quality soul cover and some hiphop (of course …)

Cheers for those of you who made it down to Big Chill Bar on Friday night, it was a thoroughly up for it crowd. If you like that sort of thing, check the Gigs link above.

Righty-ho, lets get down to business.

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