Monthly Archives: June 2012

Three on a Thursday #69

I’ve been in one of those cheerful summer moods this week, largely due to a weekend camping in the Isle of Purbeck for the tenth anniversary  of Chilled Cider fuelled by Hecks Kingston Black Scrumpy (thanks Mr Heap) Cuban Cigars (thanks bruv) and some excellent music at the Square and Compass courtesy of Pete Lawrence, with the highlight being The Destroyers, who you should definitely go and see if they end up near you.

Headline props this week must go to Hidden Riddim for bringing the first couple of tracks to my attention – bigs ups sir!

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Three on a Thursday #68

Hmmm, lesson learned today. Trying to brew beer and write a music blog is harder than you think …

After the almighty palaver we’ve had with todays brew, what with stuck sparges, duff thermometers and minor burns, I’m glad I’m only having to listen to tunes now

Oh tunes? Right this way …

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Mash and Munkee / We Like It Like That

From the phat horns and b-boy friendly break of the opening track, Here We Come, you can tell that the debut Mash & Munkee album, We Like It Like That, is going to be a ripsnorter.

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Booty Fruit / Dubplate Bullets Vol. 1

Though you might not be able to tell if you look out your window, it’s allegedly BBQ season, and this, as all things in life needs a soundtrack. Stepping up to the plate to give you all you need to make that Jerk Chicken all the sweeter are the boys from Booty Fruit, with their first volume of Dubplate Bullets

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Three on a Thursday #67

It’s been a productive few days recently, and after a baby enforced lull, I’m back in the mix saddle, with a couple of guestie slots lined up – keep your eyes peeled for further news on that tip

Right, pimping over, tunage on!

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Three on a Thursday #66

Bow-chicka-wow – I’m back baby!

Apologies for last week, it was my baby brothers Wedding and the time set aside for writing Three on a Thursday was sucked up by the shuttling of people, picking up of buttonholes and inevitable wedding shenanigans, followed by a stag do for a separate wedding, so by the time I came back up for air it was Tuesday evening and I was nursing the mother of all hangovers …

Never mind, back now.

Shall we?

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Rackabeat & Bar-Low / Drop-Bear b/w Lovers Rock

Given my recent trip to Oz, I’ve developed a fear of the Drop Bear.

What with all of the locals over there warning me about them, I spent large amounts of time lying in the gutters of Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney outside bars and hostelries, looking up into the trees to try and spot the little critters before they savaged me.

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