Three on a Thursday #97

tumblr_lh6mlnd8lm1qelcgto1_500It’s that time of the week, well, fortnight, again

Three of the finest, funkiest, downright flippin’ fan-dabby-dozy-iest tunes to grace my ears since the last one of these little missives


First up this week flicks my ‘covers in a different style’ switches, especially when it’s well known track, purely for the ‘What the ….@ reaction you get when you drop it. I first spotted this Double Yellow tune on Dieslers Life in the Slow Lane mix, and couldn’t quite believe what they’d done to the Queens of the Stone Age’s  har rock classic No One KnowsJazz Hands at the ready!

Much as they might be a nation of garlic munching, white flag waving, Gauloise puffing serial philanderers, there’s something about the French that’s ineffably cool, and that goes double for French Hip-hop. The flowing smooth phonemes of the French language just suit this genre down to the ground, and this goes double when you’ve got a 40 strong funk jazz orchestra behind you, as can be seen in Between the Lines by the Electro Deluxe Big Band. Smoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooth

(HT to  Bass player extraordinaire Richard O’Brien for the tipoff)

And sticking with the hip-hop, just as I was grasping for the last track for this weeks trio, Uncle Nu comes through, with an beaty bouncy horn punching slab of that golden era goodness, Lay Em Low featuring NY Oil, and it’s free. What more could you want – aside from a 21 year old Russian Nymphomaniac Gymnast, and a 1lb bag of blow, or is that just me …

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Obsessive music nerd for since his formative years, Sherlock Ohms finally pulled his finger out and started inflicting his collection of Funk, Soul, Hip-hop, Reggae, Breaks, Beats and random ephemera on the unwitting public in mid-2008. Since then he's graced the airwaves of Big Chill FM and Purple Radio, the stages of the Festinho festival, and the DJ booths of the UK fluffing for the likes of DJ Moneyshot, Boca 45 and Ugly Duckling. Whether it's early morning chilled wig outs, or eclectic party starting beat fests there's a reason they call him 'No Shit Sherlock' View all posts by djsherlockohms

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