SNAFU Principle, or WTF Is Going On?

poster-1(This is a bit of an odd post  for me, something between a Three on a Thursday, a Mixtape Madness, a review and some random internet sleuthing … take from it what you will…)

There’s been a resurgence of interest in interest in the Situationist Art Project,  chart music saboteurs and all round absurdists known sometimes as the KLF ever since the above poster turned up earlier this year hinting at their return.

For those not obsessed with the random meanderings of late 80’s/early 90’s arthouse electronic noise terrorists, I’ll explain.

The KLF, a.k.a The Justified and Ancients of Mu-Mu, The JAMMS,  K2, the K Foundation amongst other things, made their (many) names with a delightfully cynical guided missile of a #1 hit as the Timelords, then proceeded to write a book on they how played the system to do it, invented the Stadium House genre over the course of three anthemic tracks, dueted with Country music legend, Tammy Wynette, recorded one of the greatest chill out albums of all time, then bowed out of the business by dumping a dead sheep on the doorstep at a Brit Award afterparty shortly after confusing the show’s audience by performing a Thrash Metal version of their biggest tune whilst firing blanks from a machine gun into the crowd.

They then proceeded to delete their entire back catalogue and announced their retirement from the music business pretty much at the peak of their powers.

So far, so weird, eh?

Since the end of what many saw as either a delicious piss take or evidence of some serious mental health issues, Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond haven’t entirely been quiet, what with making very geographically specific soup, burning a million quid on a Scottish island, and sending up the Turner Prize in glorious style, but they have stuck to their word of not performing or releasing anything as the KLF, instead dropping versions of  mashed up versions of Que Sera and John Lennon tracks recorded with the Red Army Choir, and collaborating with the William Fairey Brass band on cover versions.

Since the papers picked up on the poster however, people have started paying them some attention again, and naturally, being an eclectic detective, so did I.

As their pomp was *slightly* before my time, I picked up a copy of the brilliant John Higgs book, and reading that led me to the Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson, which is utterly weird, and has mostly led to me  noticing the number 23 rather more than I ever used to.

So, given all that, combined with the KLF hype that’s been doing the increasing, and the book signing in Liverpool that had some of the weirdest rules I’ve ever seen,  what would you think if you stumbled across this this little number, by the Snafu Principle

And then this …

Both of which were released on August 15th (15+8 = 23 …).

Note the use of clanging bells, bleating sheep, TARDIS samples, standard for the KLF

So, I thought I’d keep an eye out, and lo and behold, these then dropped at 00.23 on August 23rd

Starting off with the now standard clanging bells, and a query as to where they’ve been for the last 23 years … this pair of mixes seem to take a stack of samples from the KLF’s previous work interlacing it with a stack of new news based samples – lots of comedic war mongering ‘wall building’ Donald Trump, a ‘strong and stable’ Theresa May, and some pretty hard to hear war reporting, snippets of aerobics videos, bleating sheep, random choirs, and more smashed together musical genres than I’ve heard since the last Radio Soulwax show, all with Rockman Rock and King Boy D hollering vocals over the lot.

I’ve not heard of the SnafuPrinciple before all of this, certainly sounds anarchic enough to be the KLF … what do you think?

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