Three on a Thursday #166


Apologies for the interruption in service – life gets in the way sometimes …

Back in the day there was an plethora of funk and soul bands dropping some serious covers to make their mark – think of 6ix Toys with  Basement Jaxx Do Your Thing, The Bamboos with The Kings of Leon King of the Rodeo and  Cookin’ on 3 Burners with Gorillaz Feel Good Inc.

This last crew are back with a new cracker of a track. Mellow jazz hooks and a crunchy drum line with a smooth almost-MC performance from Kalit over the top. Consider this a Warning.

The track drops on the 10th August over on their bandcamp

Another week, another banger from The Allergies and Andy Cooper. Run it Back takes some smooth jazz horns, delicate cuts, moody organ lines and the quickfire bars of one of Long Beach’s finest to create one of the most dancefloor friendly hip-hop tracks I’ve heard in a while, and given these guys past output, that’s saying something (the flip is pretty fire as well …)

Last up this week is another blast from the past who, like Cookin on 3 Burners, I also saw back in the halycon days of The Metropolis. Hailing from Canada, I first heard Shad doing The Old Prince Still Lives at Home, and he’s still got it.

The Fool Pt 1 (Get it Got It Good) sounds like he’s returned from some sort of Hawaii in space before it drops into a chunked up off kilter funk hook with Shads usual chops shown on the vocal. Epic sauce.

The album is up on pre-oder this way.



[Picture from Thomas Hawk, and used under Creative Commons license]

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Obsessive music nerd for since his formative years, Sherlock Ohms finally pulled his finger out and started inflicting his collection of Funk, Soul, Hip-hop, Reggae, Breaks, Beats and random ephemera on the unwitting public in mid-2008. Since then he's graced the airwaves of Big Chill FM and Purple Radio, the stages of the Festinho festival, and the DJ booths of the UK fluffing for the likes of DJ Moneyshot, Boca 45 and Ugly Duckling. Whether it's early morning chilled wig outs, or eclectic party starting beat fests there's a reason they call him 'No Shit Sherlock' View all posts by djsherlockohms

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