If you like the mixes and the general blathering on here, come and see me do my thing live!


30th April ’17 @ 2-5pm @ Left Handed Giant Brewing Co, Bristol (map)



1st January ’17 @ 9-11pm @ The Farm, Bristol (map)

1st September ’12 @  12-4am @ Mr Wolf’s, Bristol (Funk from the Trunk)  (map)

29th September ’12 @  Basement 45, Bristol for WHOMP (map) (event)

17th August ’12 @ No51, Bristol (map) (event)

30th March ’12 @ Big Chill Bar,  Bristol – (map)

10th March ’12 @ Basement 45, Bristol for WHOMP

3rd March ’12 @  12-4am @ Mr Wolf’s, Bristol with  DJ Vallee (Funk from the Trunk)  (map)


and I was serious about buying a pint for the first person I see at one of my gigs wearing one of my tees

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