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Three on a Thursday #54

OK, I’m assuming that it’s Thursday over in the UK, as I’m quite a few timezones away, and more than a smidge hungov …ahem…jetlagged

This Three on a Thursday comes to you via a spare hour on Sunday evening, another couple in Changi Airport in Singapore, and for the final bit, a mates dining room in Adelaide … see, that’s commitment to your musical edification, eh?

Anyway, enough with that, I’m off on a winery tour … best get to the the tunes …

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Three on a Thursday #6

BOING said Zebedee – the big man is back with yet more fresh (to his ears anyway) tunes!

This week I’ve got a proper little Nu Funk burner, a modern Northern Soul-ish number and Hip Hop about the trials and tribulations of a superhero for you to get your lugholes round.

If you like this series and want to hear ’em churned out live, or even buy me a pint by way of thanks for introducing all these wonderous tunes, check the ‘Gigs’ listing at the top of the page. Your next opportunity is tonight at The Pipe & Slippers with Flipzilla, and then again tomorrow with those crazy simians Monkey Chuckle, at The Golden Lion.

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