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Three on a Thursday #130


Been a good music week so far, Excellent gig by Lack of Afro at the Lantern on Friday, and the new Sherwood and Pinch to have a go on, and digging for some lovely lovely tunes for you lot to listen to.

Shall we?

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Three on a Thursday #113

1501028_10152502641498452_308281070_oTwo in a row – my word I am spoiling you lot aren’t I?

This week we’ve got some funky swinging bassy nonsense, some straight up and down soulful reggae, and a deep house-y chilled piece of business.

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Three on a Thursday #102

vinyl-wave Rapid one this week, my dear darling daughter has *finally* gone to sleep.

Just as heads up,I’m going to try and be a smidge more active on the blogging front – I’ve been a bit slack recently, so best sort it out, eh?

Keep your eye peeled, there’s a couple of bits and pieces in the pipeline.

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Three on a Thursday #93

2013-03-10 12.09.21Hey kids, what time is it?

It’s (finally) Three on a Thursday time again.

Yes I know it’s Friday

No it’s not my fault. The little girl refused to sleep til 11 last night, and I didn’t have the time to do a proper job on this after those histrionics.

Tonight however …

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Three on a Thursday #56

3, 2, 1, you’re back in the room …

Apologies for the lack of a ToT last week, I was in Toyko on my hols and was suffering from a dearth of wi-fi access – or at least reasonably priced wi-fi access – I wasn’t going to pay the £20 a day the hotel wanted to charge me – I blame my Scottish heritage for the ‘deep pockets & short arms’ nature of this excuse

Never fear though, normal service has been returned, and to make up for the emotional trauma of missing a week, I’ve dropped a double dose of tunes on you below …

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Three on a Thursday #53

Evening all – bit of a mad dash today on the old ToT, as the wife and child have dived off on their hols and I’m left at home all alone. Which obviously means I’ve been spending more time in the pub and at gigs than I have listening to the choicest tunes with a view to presenting them to you of a Thursday evening

Never fear though, I’ve come through for you … read on.

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Three on a Thursday #52

Ahoy kids!

How are you lot this week?


Excellent, I’m grand as well, thanks for asking.

Sorry, tunes did say?

Yeah I got tunes.

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Three on a Thursday #1

I was having a blog related quandary the other day – I know four posts in is a little early for existential crises – but I was struck by the thought.  What this site is here for?

The initial idea was to have this as a on-line Electronic Promotion Kit, essentially somewhere I could point people when I was pushing for gigs, with mixes, a bio, some press shots and the like. I was also going to have links to the shows that I do on Purple Radio.

Thing is, it might be a little sparse at times, so I thought,  what could I do to come up with more quality content? Then I realised I spend loads of my free time scrubbing through new releases and am often asked by mates where tunes have come from, what labels they’ve been released by, etc. and then it struck me – I should spread the love, and what better way to do that than to round up a few of my favourite cuts and chuck them to you in time to warm you up for the weekend?

BEHOLD!  Three on a Thursday !

Some tunes are new, some are old ones I’ve only just discovered, some will be upbeat, some a bit more mellow – the only unifying factor is that I’ll have picked them up at some point over the  week, I like ’em and I’ll do my best to put them up on a Thursday for you to have a butchers at.

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