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Three on a Thursday #157

7034689721_4941bb6c24_oLast week was a bit of an odd one. Started digging for tunes … and was generally uninspired. Not sure if it was me, a lack of digging, or just a poor week for releases, but nothing jumped out and slapped me, made me think  “yeah, YEAH, this is killer!”.

Anyway the upshot was I didn’t post anything – don’t want to let the standards drop do we?

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Three on a Thursday #28

It’s that time of the week again – Three on a Thursday! (I know, I know, try to contain yourselves …). This week is on a little bit a hip-hop tip, with a little broken beat shuffler at the end.

If you like the sounds I chuck up here every week, then you could always pop down and see me do my thing at either Timbuk2 on Friday with Teddy G and Rob Helps, or if you busy that night, I’m also at Mr Wolfs on Saturday from midnight – I’ll buy a beer for anyone making both nights!

Anyway, onwards!

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