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Three on a Thursday #142

lyon_urban_black_and_white_wall_by_melixious-d4wdp0bAnother week, another Three on a Thursday – you think I’d get bored of digging for tunes but … nah, never going to happen.

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Three on a Thursday #19

20110609-030734.jpgWoop woop! It’s Three on a Thursday time again!

Many thanks to those of you who came over to Upfest last Saturday and said hello, ’twas much appreciated. I hope you enjoyed. though the lesson of ‘not playing tracks that use a Biggie Smalls acapella in a room where there are impressionable youngsters roaming around in the middle of the afternoon’ has been learnt – oops! Was good to hook up with those wonderful chaps from Antidote, as well as the Funk from the Trunk and Contraband Sessions lads.

Right – onwards!

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