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Three on a Thursday #78

It’s that time of the week again – new tunes to my ears dropped into yours.

IF you like this sort of thing there’s a stack of good stuff on the go at the mo.

Tonight the Riddim Fruit boys  Rackabeat and Bar-low with at Number 51 and on Saturday is WHOMP! time again at Basement 45 on Saturday.

There’s also a chance to see me dig back into my 15 year old selfs record bag as I’m in the hot seat for Purple Radio’s School of Rock show on Friday afternoon … nary a breakbeat in sight.

Enough pimpin’, on with the tunes.

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Ctrl-Alt-TheBeat with Sherlock Ohms ~ 16th Aug ’11

Last weeks show for you!

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Three on a Thursday #27

Almost managed to be late on another one of these – I sat down to start my scribbling after the Charlotte had been put to bed and her mother went out – cue 3 hrs of screaming. I swear if her head had started rotating through 360° I wouldn’t have been surprised. She’s finally asleep, so I can get on it.

Anyway, number 27 ‘eh – lets hope the Three on a Thursday series isn’t going to OD or choke on vomit in it’s sleep.

Too soon?

Ah well, onto the tunes …

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Three on a Thursday #7

I’ve literally just posted the last one of these, and I’m already starting to draft the next one – my quest for the finest tracks for you lot is never-ending! Talk about commitment to the cause …

If you like this series, and fancy seeing me spin them live, pop into the Pipe & Slippers tonight where I’m playing alongside DJ Moneyshot and Roy Strong at Flipzilla from 9pm, and if you fancy your beats juicier, and your bass bouncier come and see us tear the roof off The Big Chill Bar Study with a Ghetto Funk work out on Saturday from 11-2am.

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