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Three on a Thursday #99

916139This week I’ve mostly been in pain.

Not, as you might expect, from riding 60 odd miles from London to Brighton for the British Heart Foundation on Sunday, (what was that? You want to sponsor me? Oh, go on then … ) but more from having my first proper falling off incident about 9hrs before I was due to start. I’ve not had road rash like this since I was about 15 years old.

Lesson learned, don’t spend many hours in the Kernel Brewery and then try and cycle across town afterwards.

Right what was that, music? Oh yeah …

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Three on a Thursday #13

Unlucky for some … but not for you as I’ve got a sack of excellent tunes for you to have a listen to!

If you like what you hear pop down to Bocabar in Bristol this Friday to hear me play a few tunes(yes, I’m playing south of the river – I’ve got my jabs and have packed my passport, so they’ll let me back over the bridge). I’m on from 9-1am, so pop down and dance off some of the Bank Holiday booze.

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