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Three on a Thursday #68

Hmmm, lesson learned today. Trying to brew beer and write a music blog is harder than you think …

After the almighty palaver we’ve had with todays brew, what with stuck sparges, duff thermometers and minor burns, I’m glad I’m only having to listen to tunes now

Oh tunes? Right this way …

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Mash and Munkee / We Like It Like That

From the phat horns and b-boy friendly break of the opening track, Here We Come, you can tell that the debut Mash & Munkee album, We Like It Like That, is going to be a ripsnorter.

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Mash & Munkee / Superbad

I’ve dropped a couple of tunes from the Mash and Munkee boys before on the Ctrl:Alt:TheBeat show, so I was pleasantly surprised when this latest slab of funked up goodness dropped into my inbox.

Read on for the verdict!

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