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Mixtape Madness #4 – The Nextmen / Personal Golf Instructions (from Driver thru Putter)

Now this is the real shit…

Personal Golf Instructions is probably the mix that made me take up DJing, so these boys have a lot to answer for. Up until the point that I heard this mix I thought DJing was all about playing crap trance, and whanging half of Columbia’s National Product up your nose, but this mixtape showed me it was possible to do something different, taking a big batch of genres and odd samples stir ’em all up and come out with something, and not only manage to make it work but to make it sound utterly awesome. For that, I’m forever grateful to The Nextmen.

Brad and Dom show some serious skills covering the bases from hip-hop, via the dancehall , electropop , reggae, disco, funk, soul and some drum and bass all tied together with a series of samples lifted from what sounds like old Arnold Palmer golf instructional record. For a good few years this was only available on CD, and was a bugger to get hold of, leading to it costing a small fortune, but now, thanks to the internerd, it’s available to all. Despite being released in ’04 this has barely aged a jot and is still a ‘go-to’ mix for me for warming a houseparty up …

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Mixtape Madness #1 – Itchy & Skratchy DJs / Shhh! Mixtape 2011

I spend quite a lot of time digging to find new tunes for my shows, and quite often this involves listening through tons of mixes. I’m lucky enough to have a job where I can get away with sitting at my desk plugged in to my iPod ploughing through the reams and reams I download, picking up the odd gem here and there, but most of them are a bit ‘meh’.

Sometime however you pick up a belter, and I thought that in order to save you from the dross, I’d throw up some of the good ones I’ve found over the years up on the blog for your enjoyment. So from today, every few weeks I’ll try to post a new one for you – it might be new, it might be old , but it’ll be a cracking selection of tunes.

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