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Three on a Thursday #50

Wow – #50, how did that happen?

Seems like it was only yesterday that I was working out what exactly I could do with this blog, other than putting my own mixes up on here and decided to share a few of the audio gems that my incessant music geekery found out, and here I am a year later (yes, I know, I missed a couple) having shared 150 tracks.

Speaking of which, lets get onto to the tunes shall we?


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Three on a Thursday #13

Unlucky for some … but not for you as I’ve got a sack of excellent tunes for you to have a listen to!

If you like what you hear pop down to Bocabar in Bristol this Friday to hear me play a few tunes(yes, I’m playing south of the river – I’ve got my jabs and have packed my passport, so they’ll let me back over the bridge). I’m on from 9-1am, so pop down and dance off some of the Bank Holiday booze.

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Ctrl-Alt-TheBeat with Sherlock Ohms ~ 15th Feb ’11

Here you go guys, last Tuesdays show from Purple Radio

Early on there is a front of reggae-ish stuff, before brightening to some Funky nonsense with a high percentage of Ghetto funk. After the first hour there is a brief shower of Dub, before finishing off with some wonky mellowness.

(Update – I’ve removed this from Soundcloud, as I’ve only got so much space, but it’s available on Postbocks here)

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