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Shameless Pimping Alert

Over of the summer, I, and a bunch of fellow Purple Radio reprobates were invited to play in the bars and on the stages of the Festinho Festival, held at Hinwick House in the glorious Bedfordshire countryside. It’s a great little festival, entirely run by volunteers, with all profits going to the Brazilian kids charity, the ABC Trust. If you want to donate click here

During the course of said amazing weekend, I was waylaid my a certain Mr Neil Cocker, proprietor of Dizzyjam – Music Merchandise to the stars – who took advantage of my drunken state, and press-ganged me into getting some tshirts done via his website. With a face like this you can see why I did as I’m told …

Neil 'The Rage' Cocker

Scary T-Shirt Vendor

I think they turned out quite well, and if you’d like to peruse the virtual aisles in my shop you are welcome to. First person I see wearing one gets a beer on me.

They also do Purple Radio tees and hoodies as well, as designed by the talented Dr Jimble