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Three on a Thursday #66

Bow-chicka-wow – I’m back baby!

Apologies for last week, it was my baby brothers Wedding and the time set aside for writing Three on a Thursday was sucked up by the shuttling of people, picking up of buttonholes and inevitable wedding shenanigans, followed by a stag do for a separate wedding, so by the time I came back up for air it was Tuesday evening and I was nursing the mother of all hangovers …

Never mind, back now.

Shall we?

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Three on a Thursday #51

Ahoy kids – running it close to the wire again, it’s Three on a Thursday time again!

This week brace yerselves for some Kiwi FunkHopSoul gubbins, a Latin beats workout and a wobbly pile of Funk and Hip-Hop samples …


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Various / Latin Swing Allstars

Joy! I found new summery stylings from the Dirty Dubsters Digital boys nestling in my inbox this morning, like some tropical hummingbird here to chase the grey murkiness of November away for, well, at least for  as long as their new Latin Swing Allstars EP plays out anyway.

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Three on a Thursday #33

Three on a Thursday #33 – try saying that ten times in a row quickly …

I’m back again to delight your ears with more odd bleeps, beats, breaks and wobbles (whilst shamelessly pimping gigs obviously)

Oh, did I mention gigs? If you’re about in Bristol over the weekend I’ll be giving it the beans upstairs at Big Chill Bristol with Trilby Tricks, whilst P.O.D.G.E., Ewan Hoozami, Slim Goodgroove and the mighty Featurecast go large in the main bar. Would be ace to see you there!

Right – tunes!

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Three on a Thursday #24

Evening all – apologies for the lateness of this week’s Three on a Thursday – the bad thing about buggering off to Cornwall for a long weekend means that the work piles up for my return. ICK. Never fear though, Three on a Thursday is still here to warm you up for the weekend.

I’d also like to say ‘ta!’ to the Funk Hunters for featuring my Hip to the Hop mix on their weekly mixtape dig! – I wondered why the number of listens it was getting had shot up today …

If you like this kind of thing, I’m playing at Timbuk2 for the Dub Box Summer Sessions this Friday, giving it some red-hot room 2 action, so pop down and say hello if you’re about

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Three on a Thursday #18

It’s that time of the week again, Ladies and Gentleman of the (Jukebox) Jury, where I intend to show you three tunes so heinously brilliant, showing such twisted genius that you’ll be forced to agree that anyone who doesn’t enjoy them should be first against the wall when the revolution comes.

On then to the evidence.

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