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Brisfest 2012 lineup announced!

Back in the mists of time there was a ‘Community Festival‘ up at Ashton Court in Bristol – over the years it grew from a few mates in a field into one of the largest free festivals in Europe, with all the public nudity and dogs on strings that that brings.

Eventually the two enemies of fun, Licensing Law and ‘Elf and Safety, demanded such niceties as ‘insurance’ and ‘a fence to keep the troublemakers out’ which drove costs up and despite sponsorship from Orange, the debts piled up. Sadly, a washout in 2007 was the final nail in its coffin and the good times rolled no more.

Like a phoenix from the ashes, a couple of good eggs filled our festival shaped hole with Brisfest –  a couple of days of mental music and good times, held at venues all over the city. It did well – so well, in fact, that they’re stepping up their game and taking the festival out of the city into the fields again.

If this alone doesn’t tempt you, they’ve just announced their lineup today. Oh yes.

Tickets are available here. I’d suggest you get on it.





Three on a Thursday #11

So, posting this weeks Three on a Thursday from the Eternal City was a non-starter, as I was a complete idiot and managed to leave the charger for my laptop in Bristol when I left – Ooops.

This has meant that this weeks entry has been a little rushed as I only got back this afternoon, but never fear! after some serious rummaging I’ve dug up some gems for you so all the tunes featured this week are the usual top notch efforts!

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