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Mixtape Madness #5 – DJ Moneyshot / Mothers Ruin

By way of making up for my poor show on the last Three on a Thursday, I though I’d shower your ears with some more audio loveliness in the form of the next installment of the Mixtape Madness series, and give you another ‘so-good-it-changes-what-you-think-a-mixtape-can-be’ mix, to chase away the dreary weather outside.

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Three on a Thursday #1

I was having a blog related quandary the other day – I know four posts in is a little early for existential crises – but I was struck by the thought.  What this site is here for?

The initial idea was to have this as a on-line Electronic Promotion Kit, essentially somewhere I could point people when I was pushing for gigs, with mixes, a bio, some press shots and the like. I was also going to have links to the shows that I do on Purple Radio.

Thing is, it might be a little sparse at times, so I thought,  what could I do to come up with more quality content? Then I realised I spend loads of my free time scrubbing through new releases and am often asked by mates where tunes have come from, what labels they’ve been released by, etc. and then it struck me – I should spread the love, and what better way to do that than to round up a few of my favourite cuts and chuck them to you in time to warm you up for the weekend?

BEHOLD!  Three on a Thursday !

Some tunes are new, some are old ones I’ve only just discovered, some will be upbeat, some a bit more mellow – the only unifying factor is that I’ll have picked them up at some point over the  week, I like ’em and I’ll do my best to put them up on a Thursday for you to have a butchers at.

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