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Three on a Thursday #14

A little late this week, but I’m here none the less,  with three very different slabs of quality tuneage for you – there’s a some 50’s-esque Funk for whet your appetite,  a Ghetto Funk banger for the main course, and a slice of UK Hip hop as a sweet little finish for you.

Right – onwards!

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Three on a Thursday #11

So, posting this weeks Three on a Thursday from the Eternal City was a non-starter, as I was a complete idiot and managed to leave the charger for my laptop in Bristol when I left – Ooops.

This has meant that this weeks entry has been a little rushed as I only got back this afternoon, but never fear! after some serious rummaging I’ve dug up some gems for you so all the tunes featured this week are the usual top notch efforts!

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Ctrl-Alt-TheBeat with Sherlock Ohms ~ 1st March ’11

The latest edition of Ctrl-Alt-TheBeat for your perusal. Usual stuff, a whole bunch of funk, some bassy wobbliness but this time there’s also a bit of random electro swing to tickle your fancy.

(Update – I’ve removed this from Soundcloud, as I’ve only got so much space, but it’s available on Postbocks here)

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