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Three on a Thursday #170


Ah, it’s time to relax.  You know what that means.  A glass of wine, your favourite easy chair,  And of course, three tracks, on time for once, from your favourite beardy Bristol bloke. (Noooo, I’ve not been listening to The Offspring and reliving my youth whilst drinking wine. Much) Continue reading

Three on a Thursday #7

I’ve literally just posted the last one of these, and I’m already starting to draft the next one – my quest for the finest tracks for you lot is never-ending! Talk about commitment to the cause …

If you like this series, and fancy seeing me spin them live, pop into the Pipe & Slippers tonight where I’m playing alongside DJ Moneyshot and Roy Strong at Flipzilla from 9pm, and if you fancy your beats juicier, and your bass bouncier come and see us tear the roof off The Big Chill Bar Study with a Ghetto Funk work out on Saturday from 11-2am.

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